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I don't even have a picture to make this card pretty but I'm mad. I should have expected this with a "concert" that's happening because BTS stayed at some girl's grandma's house and made friends with the members. I wonder how that friendship is now! Anyway if you haven't heard, the Highlight tour that BTS is currently on has been a disaster. In San Francisco VIP pass holders were made to stand in the cold while everyone else, including those who didn't pay for it, were doing hi-touch. People were yelled at excessively and crammed into one tiny room for the performance in Houston. Some 100+ fans didn't even get to SEE BTS because TGM, the organizer, oversold the Atlanta location back in JULY and kept saying they would absolutely not sell any more event shirts (WHICH WERE SUPPOSED TO ACT AS TICKETS???) but still ended up selling them at the end. I went to the Atlanta stop and vlogged a little and basically recorded BTS's entire set, but I want you guys to know before I post that vlog later on is that the only time you see me was right after seeing BTS perform, so I was obviously excited from seeing them and it doesn't reflect my feelings on the whole day. Everything else... multiple thumbs down. Toes, too. In fact, all fingers and toes down except for my middle ones. I posted this on JRE's latest Really Now video about TGM's fuckery, but I felt like you guys should see it too as a warning to never make my mistake and involve yourself with TGM Events (if they survive after Highlight). When you're done reading (or before, it's whatever honestly) PLEASE sign this petition so that everyone who has ever given money to TGM gets some kind of compensation. I'm glad I went with a group of 9 friends because they along with the new people I met were the only reason I had fun. I stood in the rain for almost 4 hours and would have had to go back out because of 2 separate lines for check-in and t-shirts (which were in the same small hallway and could have been combined tbh) but luckily I had a VIP pass and was able to wait inside in a waiting area. My non-VIP friends had to keep going in and out of the venue and had to wait almost 7 hours total in the rain. During the performance the sound system was horrible and kept screeching. The local artist was subpar. Community54, the clothing line they were "endorsing" for the show, is a bunch of overpriced Forever21 knockoffs. When they were performing Dope, the music stopped for a second during RM's section and he handled it well but he looked mad. Later he said that at first they didn't even know they would only be performing 4 songs. I spent half the time after the performance wondering what the hell we were doing and yelling out instructions from staff because they were too quiet. Honestly the only good thing that happened was the way they personally cut off everyone's wristbands before the hi-touch so people couldn't double back. I'm glad I already knew they changed the number of people in the group photo from 8-10 like they promised for months to 25 because I would have gone OFF if they said it for the first time then. Someone else said this and I agree- 25 + 7 = 32 people... that's the same as a class photo. With the autograph session, hi-touch, and group photo, I really only interacted with the members for 5 minutes tops. TGM said the performance would be short because they wanted to focus more on fan engagement... 5 minutes total spread over 3 different times to see them is not what I consider a fan engagement. I sure as hell did NOT pay over $200 for 5 minutes of interaction and a shitty 45 minute performance, when I was at the venue for nearly 12 hours and officially waiting around for fan engagements for 7. The people waiting outside in the rain didn't pay $70+ to not see BTS. TGM said they oversold in JULY and kept on selling shirts, so they had printed out excuses and promises of refunds just ready to hand out to people. They KNEW fans would be left outside and tried to pull some bullshit like "We didn't tell BTS you guys were waiting, so they left." No. I hope y'all sue them. TGM is notorious for not giving refunds, so there are at least 100 people from the Atlanta show alone who won't get their money back on top of people who still got in and had experiences that did not align with what was promised. I really hope TGM never books an artist again.
That sounds like absolute HELL. I'm pissed FOR you. seriously thats so shitty omg.
Hopefully something works out and we get money back. I'm filing a dispute with PayPal that the item I bought was not as described. I hope it works out... From what I saw and heard from other stops BTS was having fun with the fans and the only problem they had was with TGM, so hopefully this doesn't stop them from coming back :/
Thank you for posting this because now I feel better about not being able to go. Yes it would've been great to see BTS but then again it would've been miserable the rest of the time. Now I'm glad I was able to do AWA instead.
Wow I'm so sorry you guys had to deal with that! I didn't go but I feel for you guys! I'll sign the petition and hope everyone gets their money back.
And it's going to make it so artists never want to come to Atlanta too. I guess I'm glad I didnt.go.
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