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It's hope that makes us such resilient creatures. :-)
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I think this metaphor is awful, to be honest. It implies that you should cage a wild animal instead of letting it free. cages don't protect, they imprison.
I like the cut of your jib @VinMcCarthy :-) And love a good other perspective. No arguments with your logic. For me in this it represents my heart doing what it does - feeling & loving intensely. Not completely exposed nor completely closed off. You still hold someone's hand through a cage. Someone can still reach in & hold it. But if they could grab it and run...it's not about caging someone else's. That's how it works for me. :-)
@MissB82 that's real, and Ican respect that. I guess I just like to think of my heart as an open thing. I know it is physically within my chest and biologically for protection, but in any other sense of the word, I think it's better to have your heart open and free.
@VinMcCarthy What you said is how I feel about it in my ideal world. But my perspective exists from having had an open & free heart & like you thought what's the worst that could happen? Because my wild open heart is the same heart that always finds the best in others & that's just how it is & my loyalty is an Achilles. It has made 'the best' out of the crumbs of honesty of extremely dishonest people. I know that about myself & it has literally endangered life. I'd never before considered that the worst that could come from letting my heart run the show would be that. My ideal world has had a reality check. :-)
@MissB82 I'm sorry to hear that, but I understand how that experience would change the dynamic of how you engage with the world. I've had my heart hurt before, pretty bad. But I can't stop putting it out there. I still choose to let it run wild and free. Only now it's better tempered by my mind. Where I let my heart run free, I keep my brain on alert for the warning signs i'd missed in the past.