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5 apartment lobby interior design ideas
A commercial area like an apartment’s lobby is the first thing that guests and visitors notice when they make way into an apartment. Irrespective of the lobby area, stunning lobby interior design can make the first impression. To address the aesthetics and decor ideas in a better way, we have compiled the following things that need to be considered when designing your apartment’s lobby. Also Visit : Tile flooring: In an apartment lobby design, flooring is the primary concern. The lobby floors are exposed to the daily abuses by the apartment owners and other people who frequent this area. The best way to maintain and keep the carpet area clean is to opt for the tile flooring, which is also durable. Moreover, this flooring option is affordable and is available in several designs that incorporate the colours, patterns and textures. Usually, the medium colour tiles area preferred in comparison to light and dark colours as the medium shades are suitable for hiding the dirt and grime. Rugs and mats: The most common decorative item that is spotted in the lobby apartment are the non-slip commercial rugs and mats. A sizeable rug or mat looks appealing in the entranceway of the lobby and is great for catching the debris. The colours of the mats and rugs can be picked on the basis of walls and furniture so that these don’t appear absurd and integrate effortlessly in the overall lobby apartment design. Wall decoration: According to the Zad Interiors Delhi, walls of the lobby should be decorated carefully. There are a few vital aspects that require attention before proceeding with the final decision. Looking on the practical side of the painting, the walls should be easily cleaned and washed. By spending a little extra money, one can get the quality finish that saves costs of frequent repainting. The neutral colour palette like beige, blue, green, yellow, and others makes the lobby more welcoming. Another option of wall treatment is going for expensive wallpaper which is more abiding than the paints. It adds sophistication and depth to the lobby designs. Lighting setup: The lobby interior designs are incomplete without proper lighting scheme. A layer of lighting in the apartment’s lobby brings an ornamental beauty. It typically includes the recessed ceilings lights that take cares of the overall illumination. Depending on the area of the lobby you might need a couple of overhead lighting fixtures. Table lamps and floors lamps are more of decorative lighting that complements the interiors and provide direct illumination in the seating area. Also, wall scones can be added near the staircases, elevators and doors. Furniture and accessories style: Most of the apartment’s lobby have chairs and sofa in the reception area for the guest to sit during the time of waiting. It can be paired with a centre table based on the style of the building and the interior designs it wants to reflect. Commercial upholstery and curtains can be decided as per the wall and flooring colours. Besides, you can always bring the natural greens that make the lobby interior pretty promising. Lastly, if space accommodates then statement piece like a mirror and wall art is always a plus in interior design of a lobby. The approach for lobby interior design ideas should be just like other interior projects. Pick up those colours and design that are both pleasing and functional and renders an inviting appeal in the apartment’s lobby design. Note : Apartment Interior Designers | ZAD Interiors | Delhi
10 Fantastic Design & Decor Ideas for the Bedroom
1. Plush Rugs Designer rugs in the bedroom allow you additional space to laze around while adding to the appearance of the bedroom. Plush rugs in shades of gray might just be the aesthetic touch your bedroom needs. 2. Velvet Sofa If your bedroom has enough space to fit in a sitting area, make sure to get sofas to sit around. Go for jewel tones like this emerald sofa to up the ante! 3. Pop of Colour One vibrant corner in an otherwise contemporary bedroom looks striking. Choose a color that is unmissable like neon and fluorescent shades. 4. Ornate Light Fixtures Give your bedroom a grand air by installing a chandelier at the center. Chandeliers are a bold choice for the bedroom since most people prefer subtler options. An antique chandelier in the bedroom is the perfect choice for royalty! 5. Side Tables Side tables serve the dual purpose of style and functionality! Side tables with drawers can save your bedroom from a lot of unnecessary clutter. The top of side tables is also the perfect place to position your night lamp and put your books and phone on. 6. Carved Headboard Designer headboards are the perfect antidote for boredom. Exquisite detailing on headboards is a massive style boost to the bedroom. 7. Frame It! Framed paintings or photographs serve more than an aesthetic purpose. They add a personal touch to the bedroom. Choose ones that hold sentimental value and install them above the bedpost. 8. Soothing False Ceiling There is no dearth of false ceiling designs for bedroom. A standard ceiling lacks the finesse and style of a false ceiling. False ceilings hide imperfections and wires while providing insulation. For a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, go for white false ceiling design. 9. Wallpapers Do you want to get an out-of-the-box bedroom style? Then get printed wallpapers to fluff up your space. Pastel and neutral hues are the best for covering entire walls with wallpaper. 10. Delicate Curtains Sheer white curtains allow just the right amount of light to flicker through.