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Alright guys this week we've got a mission :P
This week Wenesday September 30th 2015!!
Daesung is going LIVE on the V app ♡♡
Remeber this is the last week of September meaning Daesung is the last of Big Bang to be going LIVE. So if you havent seen the previous broadcast head over to the V app now (They're all currently Subbed ♡♡)
Spread the word guys, so no VIP misses it ♡♡
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My Bae's big day! <3 Soooo EXCITED!
2 years ago·Reply
MY BABY! 😍😛😜😘
2 years ago·Reply
at first I never thought he was hot but now it's bammm he's super hot...😄
2 years ago·Reply
He's so talented and handsome
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