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Hello Vinglers!
Another day, Another song~ Let's Go!

Now or Never by Nano (Phi Brian Kami no Puzzle)

Nano does it again with style. It's as if she can sing everything, strong aggressive, emotional, rap, and even rock, plus she's one of the most fluent English speakers from the vast list of Japanese singers which is another reason her voice is heard all over the world. She has an unlimited level of potential and talent that some of us would just dream of having. Another great addition for the playlists of any anime music lovers!
Original Song which is even better! Especially 2:19 ~ 3:04, make sure to listen to the whole song it's amazing!
Close Your Eyes and Listen!~
@RosePark adding it to mine! :D
@VinMcCarthy Same here, I know of the song but not the anime. Its already on my list though!
I've never seen Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle, but this music is so dope that it makes me want to!
Fantastic, as usual!! This is one of my favorites so far. You were perfectly right on the best part, too. ^.^
@VinMcCarthy Hell yeah! xD
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