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I'll be putting the both lyrical version and the mv/live version for the song if there is both. Also, they are not in any particular order. I just like all of them. I also did this card solely based on lyrics and how it lyrics, instruments, backtrack, and vocals/raps etc. effected me. The videos that I am putting down are going to be in this order: -Mv -Live -Lyrics If there is no mv it will go straight to live, if there is no live it will go straight to lyrics. Disclaimer : I do not own any of the videos that I am posting up. They all belong to their rightful owners. This is only for entertainment purposes.
SHINee - Farewell My Love I couldn't find a live version, solly. And I know forsure there isn't a mv.
Hyunsik - If (Cover) It's just both the same version except one has lyrics the others doesnt.
EXO K - Baby Don't Cry The live version it was only D.O, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Suho.
SUJU - Evanesce
SUJU - Don't Leave Me
DMTN - Hurt Me
BTOB - Is This The End In the live verison there's their song Beep Beep at the end. Please ignore if you don't want to watch it. But Beep Beep is also a very sad song but with a more lively backtrack (which is a reason why I didn't put it on here lol).
BAP - It's All Lies
EXO M - Promise In this live verison I believe it was only a Lay fancam. Sorry bout that. And sorry for all the lovers of this song that liked the Korean version more lol I love the Chinese version more.
BIGBANG - Tell Me Goodbye
B1A4 - You Make Me A Fool
MBLAQ - Shouldn't Have Said It
MBLAQ - Mirror
BEAST - Say No Aha all I gotta say is sorry for the mv. It's so funny to watch it (at least for me).
I would do top 20 if Vingle had enough space for me lol. Sorry if I didn't add any of your favorite sad songs from other bands (such as INFINITE, BTS, VIXX, GOT7, etc). But hoped yalls cried your eyes out, I know I did. Have a great day and... yeah BYE! lol If you have a suggestion about some songs I should listen to, please leave it in the comments below. Thanks
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@JaxomB omg it is sad!!!! I watched it a couple of months after it came out out kept going back to it cause I didn't understand the mv lol but then my guy friend helped me out and explained it! lol but yasss Severly the mv and lyrics are so sad! But Hongki's voice makes the song even more sad.
@Chalaina ouuu I haven't heard that yet... well actually I don't really listen to DBSK/JYJ/TVXQ very much so I don't know their songs very well.
@panouvang123 I highly recommend. Before you go is a tear jerker especially if you watch the video.
Also JYJ's In Heaven is super beautiful
@Chalaina93 thank u! I'll look it up