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I seriously CANNOT believe how the Highlight Tour was handled. The staff not only yelled at the fans but to BTS as well! They are guests and you treat them like crap? For yelling at BTS for not signing fast enough? For talking to a fan?? It is a fan meeting!
My heart breaks for them.. I'm so embarrassed to live in a country where we can't treat our guests with a great respect for them. BTS should not have been treated in such a way. But overall the organization was just outrageous. The staff had fans wait outside IN THE RAIN because they reached capacity in the venue and made promises that were not pulled through. I would love to see BTS in concert but not in America if they are to ever be treated that way again. I will save money, get my passport, and see the concert overseas than to see the boys with sad look in their eyes..
To hear of the stories from ARMYs makes me so upset! I have no further words to express how I feel..
Some said you could see their sadness as they saw how the staff treated their fans.. sadness from how they were treated as well.. though some tried to pull through it with a smile you can see it was broken.. I wish there was a way to let them know how deeply sorry we are for even the way they were treated..
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@JessAS oh no don't worry I wasn't talking about what you said so don't worry I was just stating how I feel about what most of the people commented on here.
@KpopQueen1 ooph yeah lol it's been a while I've forgotten what people commented and yeah I get where you're coming from
@JessAS lol it's OK it just pisses me off when the incidents happened in three places yet they blame America as a whole
@KpopQueen1 I just hope they get a better experience if and or when they come back!
@JessAS yeah true hopefully