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As I made my way I saw Amber's expression which looked like she was debating whether to do it or not. Me being the stubborn type, I got her a form as well. I went back to my seat and Amber seemed to be in a trance. She looked.. cute. I giggled at her trance and she looked up, making eye contact with me. She looked down after a few milliseconds I thought I saw her.. blush..? I smiled and placed the form on her desk and she looked up surprised and I just smiled again. "T-thank you.." she stuttered. "What song are you going to do?" I asked her. "I don't know, I wanted to do a duet honestly but I don't know who I'd be able to do it with.." she said as she looked over the papers. "Wanna do it with me?" I asked her as she looked like she wanted to say something. "If it's not a bother.." she said. I grinned and said, "Hey, no need to be formal with me. Just be yourself, okay?" This time she looked up and grinned "Okay" she said. "Well meet me after school in the park down the street. Okay?" I smiled at her. "Okay."
As I was getting ready decided to wear a black crop top with a cardigan and black pants. I got out my guitar case and camera since I love taking pictures in the park and walked towards the park since it's only 2 blocks away. As I got there I saw a single person down by the lake with a guitar in hand looking at the lake. It looked picture perfect so I took out my camera and snapped two pictures then I saw her lower her head as she started strumming random patterns and I snapped two other pictures before deciding to go down to her. "Hey Amber!" I said enthusiastically. Her head went up and she gave me a warm smile and said, "Hey Ash" "How long have you been waiting?" I asked. "Just a few minutes. By the way I like this park. Its so relaxing." "I know, it's one of my favorite places. You should see at night though, the lake looks beautiful reflecting the stars" I said as I sat down in front of her and took out my guitar. "Why do you have a camera with you?" She asked pointing to my camera on my chest. "I like taking pictures especially here so why not?" She just grinned. "Okay so where do we start?" She said. "Oh yeah you wanted to do a duet right? Do you have any lyrics?" I asked her. "Yes, but the song is supposed to be as two lovers talking to each other.. and it's called 'I Just Wanna'" she looked down. "Well okay then. A love song it is" I said. "But we're two girls?" She said more as a question. "Who cares? People here don't judge as much. And anyways, it's not like we're in love" She looked down and stuttered her words, "Y-yeah" "Okay so lemme see the lyrics" I said. "I only wrote the chorus though" She said as she handed me a piece of paper and the lyrics were; Chorus; I just wanna love you, give me that chance, wanna hold you baby you know that I need you, I need you and I'm wondering all the time. If you love me come on over get to know me. Baby cause I know you need me, you need me and I want you in my life yeah, yeah" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The song they're going to be singing is called 'I Just Wanna' by Amber and Eric Nam. Its basically a remake of 'Goodbye Summer' by f(x) and Kyungsoo. By the way, sorry these chapters are short right now. That's why I did two of them. Anyways, the fourth chapter will either be updated today or tomorrow depending on the free time I have today. [Requested Tags; @CrystalBlunt @shannonl5 @VixenViVi @kpopandkimchi @aimeeH @baileykayleen @AnnahiZaragoza ]
Excellent song. I always read fanfics as first person so I'm reading just like oh yah Amber and I are going to sing a duet! Lol I'm such a nerd. Great chapters!
You'll be tagged then (:
if possible I would like to be tagged in it too I really like this story
@baileykayleen I do the same when it comes to reading fanfics or any type of story cx @shannonl5 I'm already in love with her ♡
This is so amazing! I'm totally falling in love with Amber right now ^_^
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