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I have to rant for a second because I honestly am soo mad over this. As you all may have seen Bts' American tour has been a major Sh*t show and not on there behalf, not only were shows and venues unorganized and fans mistreated, but BTS the sweetest guys on the planet were extremely disrespected and treated like crap. I just want to know what in the world gave those staff members the riggt to treat them like that?? The only reason they are there getting paid is because of BTS
Seriously those are the biggest pieces of sh*ts ever (excuse the language im just extremely upset. ) Honestly I would love to know. What I do know is BTS cares about all of us so be ij Nguyen the kind guys they are they wanted to talk to everyone and get to know them as they signed there stuff and thats a problem?? Im sorry but just because they arent like most American artists who could care less and do t give there fans the light of day doesn't mean you can treat them like that.
The one thing I hate more than anything on the planet is when people bully other people for no reason or mistreat and I guarantee you they were a**holes because they figured since bts are foreign that its okay to treat them how they want. Im honestly so glad I did not go to one of there shows, yes dont get me wrong I would love to see them , but I more than likely would have gone to jail or been thrown out of the place because I can not stand there and watch someone be treated like crap let alone people I care about I would have seriously turned into a raging mama bear and poor bts would have seen a whole different side of me and im a quiet person for the most part but if I see someone treating another person badly for no reason I. not gonna take it . bts did not deserve this and I want to know why there management staff allowed this because I would have surely had each one of the staff members fired. sorry this was long but It just makes me so mad
This hurts my heart. I love these guys so much and they didn't deserve this.
@KellyOConnor Im definitely signing it ,because bts or the fans there didnt deserve this
I would've been thrown out too because I would NOT have been able to keep quiet and let it go on like that. I have seen a petition against TGM and something on Facebook from Bangtan Hearts (i think) about sending letters to BTS apologizing for the treatment they got. I'm going to check it out even though I didn't make it to any of the shows because this really upset me.
@KaceyDodge I know when I saw this so many emotions built up I still want to cry , like who treats someone like that for wanting to get to know there fans seriously and bts is the reason they were there getting paid so idk why they were doing that and im definitely gonna sign the petition because they need to be fired and something needs to happen
it makes me want to cry! they made him in and v sit on the floor for taking to long to sign autographs.! I bet they did treat them like that because they we're foreign! on twitter a staff member commented and said "at least I got to work with them" what work with them and treat them like shit! /: Im so angry! there's a petition out you could sign it!
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