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So me and @michellelbarra decided we wanted to do something for the guys after there horrible experience on this tour. Were thinking of doing a video/slideshow and basically were gonna write something about why we love BTS and thanking them for everything they do for us . If any of you guys want to help please message me or her and we can start working on everything and putting it together. The guys deserve to know that we love and support them no matter what, especially after all of this we need to be here for them♡♥
Also Everyone, there is a group on Facebook called Bangtan Hearts. You can send letters to the adminis for BTS apologizing for what happened and telling them how much you love them, and they will translate them and put them on paper hearts to send to the guys. The letters have to be sent in by December 1st. They want people to spread the word #BangtanHearts
@wllmvns of course I am!!! anything to show our oppas we love them no matter what!!!
I feel so bad for BTS and the fans that went! Count me in
count me in!
for sure!!
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