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Alucard vs Sebastian who would win in a fight to the death
Alucard is a vampire who works for the Hellsing family. he has two guns the he uses to kill vampires and are about a foot and a half long. he also has a demonic dog familiar named Baskerville. he can also release a power called level zero that destroys everything in his path and he can't be killed. shoot him through the head and/or heart and it won't affect him.
Sebastian is a demon who serves Ciel Phantomhive. he uses butter knives and forks to kill people by throwing them. he uses his demonic powers to protect his master or fight the shinigami. he can take bullets without dying.
who do you think would win? comment your answer.
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They'd probably get tired of each other from not dying XD
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That's hard to say since both are immortal. But I think Sebastian would give one hell of a show, because he is one hell of a butler
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Sebastian! I don't know for sure'd be an intense fight!
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I have to go with alucard because he excels at slaying demons like sebastian.
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Alucard would win because no matter what he will always come back.
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