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We all know what happened at the BTS highlight tour right? If not this is basically what happened; The boys and fans were mistreated by the staffs that were working for the TGM (I think that's what it's called). Anyways so @Marilovexoxo and I decided to do something about it as an apology for what those staffs did. We decided on a slide show that Army's can say what they have to You can comment if you want it on the slide show and if you have a picture you can send it through my other social media. (will be telling in a bit) Or you can post a card on here and tag me or my partner! My social media is; Ig; heyy_Ruth Kik; Ruthxlay Facebook; Michelle Ibarra
Basically it's going to be a video of us apologizing to the boys and telling them how we feel about them. If you want to send a picture, it can either be an edit or a picture of you in it or just anything really as long as it's appropriate and has to do with the concept which are, the apology, or saying how much they mean to us.
sure thing!
Yes, Just let me know who you are okay? (:
@MichelleIbarra I'm going to try to put a pic together! I probably send it to you on ig if that's ok?
@MichelleIbarra this sounds interesting i might send you one on here or at Ig
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