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Info for this week's Featured Groups, for the Screenshot game.
Okay! I finally figured out how many I was going to do a week, and who would be the three for this week. (I know I said 2, but that is so hard to choose just two) Maybe next week I'll do two, depending on how it goes. So, without any further ado, I will let you know what groups will be chosen for the week!!
@baileykayleen thank you for your suggestion! SHINee will be 1 this week! It'll give me time to really get recognized with BTOB. Since I'm always partial to BEAST, they will be in the following weeks, to let BTOB & SHINee Shine first...
@SusiBosshammer & @PrettieeEmm suggested BigBang!! Thank you both!! I look forward to doing this one as well!!
@SusiBosshammer thank you again for the suggestion!! I love Dongwoo, so Infinite will be this week as well!! So, again I'll start on these and they will be uploaded M,W & F of this week! Thank you all so much for participating in this, and I look forward to everyone's results!! Again, if there are any groups you want me to do, drop a comment below! I will credit you for the suggestions ❤
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