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I love these boys more than anyone, every time I see them in a picture or when the post a video I get a little too happy.. BTS, you can't really describe bangtan in words its pretty difficult but that's bts lol
Otay everyone should know this... namjoon is my ultimate bias, I have fell in love the moment I laid eyes on him. I will never stop loving him, I mean what's not to love he is amazingly talented, he's a really good rapper (they don't call him Rap Monster for nothing) he's just really nice and we can't forget that he's the best dancer ever!! but in all he's special and I am proud to call him my ultimate bias
My beautiful Princess lol, Jin is just perfect. Honestly that's all I can say besides the fact that he sings amazingly but you all know that
Can I just say that Suga has a beautiful face lol. I mean just look at it..... besides that he is very talented his rapping is amazing and I can't wait for his mix tape lol
At one point in my life I didn't like Jhope I honestly didn't know what I was thinking but now I love him he is really funny outgoing crazy and his dancing is but I love jhope now and that's all that matters
Aaaaahhhhh Park Jimin!!!!! I just want to squeeze him that high note tho
V is the most cutest alien ever (โˆฉ_โˆฉ) I can't with him he is just tooooooo adorable and his voice is deep and incredible
Even though jungkookie is legal he still has a face of a baby angle, jungkook is great I love him he is just the best Over all BTS is just amazing they are all hot and they are all amazingly wonderful and talented I know they are going to do so much better and continue to impress the Army
Tell them in a letter! There is a group on Facebook called Bangtan Hearts. You can send letters to the adminis for BTS apologizing for what happened and telling them how much you love them, and they will translate them and put them on paper hearts to send to the guys. The letters have to be sent in by December 1st. They want people to spread the word #BangtanHearts
I'm just telling everyone haha
@nenegrint14, really?! Where can I find website?!