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Everyone knows the Singer, model, actress, spokeswoman version of Suzy... but do you know the real MissA star Bae Suzy?
Let me introduce you to the real Suzy. Bae Su-ji. Bae Su-ji was born October 19, 1994 to Bae Wan-young & Jeon Hyun-sook in Gwangju South Korea. She always wanted to be a performer not for her own vain reasons and not to be rich. She wanted to bring joy to others and provide for her parents. Granted, she has amassed a great deal of wealth but that she even uses to bring joy to others. This past "Children's Day" she donated around $100,000 US to buy toys for some of the local orphanages because she couldn't stand the thought of kids not being celebrated on a day meant for them. This is a girl whose first love is her family and her mission in life is to "infect as many people with the happy virus as possible." This is my U.B....I'm not interested in her as a sex symbol or because I hope to one day win her heart or attention... I just hope she will inspire more people to be as selfless as she is.
WAH she is so beautiful! <3
yes she is @jiggzy19 😍