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I've mostly been doing long box braids on my hair to serve as a protective style. After doing this style for a couple of times, I am definitely ready for something a little bit different. I am really eyeing the short box braids look.

The Pros To Short Box Braids:

1) Takes less time to braid (HELL YES)
2) They aren't as heavy
3) They look awesome!!!

Here are some of my favorite photos of short box braids. Time for a change? I think so!

Looks like I know what my new look is going to be for this autumn! ^_^

It's a gorgeous style, @alywoah. Go for it!! <3
I love this look! I bet you're gonna totally rock it ^_^
Most definitely, you won't have to worry about constantly putting it up, etc.
Yeah Im gonna do it. And it seems like it will be easier to workout with the short hair
@jordanhamilton next style!?
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