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I realized that we (vinglers) call each other family but don't really know each other.. So in this card you can either comment or make a card yourself and answering the following questions. I'll go first (:
♠Full Name;♠ ♤Ruth Michelle Ibarra ♤ ♠Favorite kpop group;♠ ♤BTS and BigBang ♤ ♠Where do you live?♠ ♤Texas ♤ ♠What do you want to be when you grow up?♠ ♤A dancer ♤ ♠Favorite food?♠ ♤Spaghetti ♤ ♠Hobbies;♠ ♤Drawing ♤Cooking ♤Dancing ♤Swimming ♠3 likes ♠ ♤Oversized sweater ♤Music ♤Food ♠3 Dislikes♠ ♤Cheese ♤Dirty places ♤Math ♠Something about me♠ I am a 10th grader in high school and I'm on the swimming team. I can play 5 different instruments that include, piano, guitar, violin, Alto saxophone, and drums.
Here are the questions just in case. ♠Full Name;♠ ♠Favorite kpop group?♠ ♠Where do you live?♠ ♠What do you want to be When you grow up?♠ ♠Favorite food?♠ ♠Hobbies;♠ ♠3 likes & dislikes♠ ♠something about me;♠ You guys try it too! @CrystalBlunt @shannonl5 @VixenViVi @kpopandkimchi @aimeeH @baileykayleen @AnnahiZaragoza @amandamuska @kpopgaby @DeniesiaGardner
@MichelleIbarra @KpopGaby texas kpopper here as well live near college station
OMG.! I have family in McAllen, Mission and Sullivan City.!! I go down south every Christmas and summer... I'm from a small town near Waco :)@MichelleIbarra
@baileykayleen Dude, I'll tell you when I go and just blast some K-Pop and I'll follow towards you XD
Yay I love this! I'll leave mine in the comments just in case I don't have time: Name: Shannon Favorite kpop group: Probably SHINee because they're the first one I found Where do you live?: EVERYWHERE! But NYC for now. What do you want to be: Lol I'm not sure yet. Someplace with snow When you grow up: Lol like they said in Peter Pan "grow old, but never grow up" and since I've been an 'adult' for a while already... whatever makes me happy! I'm going without a plan right now. Favorite food: CHEESE Hobbies: Fanfiction for sure. And I like studying fandoms. 3 likes & dislikes: I like baking, singing, and snuggling, I dislike pressure, when food goes bad before you can eat it, and dragging your groceries home on the subway something about me: I am still a baby kpoper! I just started getting into kpop a few months ago and everyone here has been so kind and helpful!
Texas! Texas k-poppers represent.
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