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Join us at live online event from the Science Centre of Copernicus in Poland during the total, full moon/lunar eclipse. It will begin at 2 am #European time zone. 馃寵馃寷馃寭馃寯馃寫 Hey, stay tuned with tech, fash, social media via #SNAPCHAT @ trendspy 馃挆馃挏馃挌馃挋馃寣馃寖馃寵馃寷馃寭馃寯馃寫馃憖
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@nicolejb Yeah, but when moon goes down and dissapear from the landscape it means that it all you had chance to see. Now, in Poland, is 4.48 am and the maximum, when moon will be supermoon in total eclipse, will be in few minutes! Next full eclipse will be in 2030
wow that鈥檚 amazing! are you able to see it?!
@nicolejb Yeah, I saw it, it was incredible. I regret that I did not wake up my mum and others.
Amazing @joannade! I鈥檓 sad I鈥檓 not on that part of the world. I鈥檓 guessing you are super into astrology?
@nicolejb I am learning, doing my best but if you want to be in news of this kinda info stop by my profile. I will always add the link or some interesting screenshots!