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Everywhere I look are mad ARMYs. LOL whelp, TGM you screwed up quite well. If you guys didn't already hear, BTS Highlight Tour hosted by TGM was, well, a disaster. I personally went to the Houston tour and can tell you that fans were quite dissapointed with the concert overall.
I'm sure that everyone who went to the Highlight Tour could tell that BTS was pretty dejected as well.

Why would you mess with ARMYs? Thats basically a death wish.

Hey guys, there is a group on Facebook called Bangtan Hearts. You can send letters to the adminis for BTS apologizing for what happened and telling them how much you love them, and they will translate them and put them on paper hearts to send to the guys. The letters have to be sent in by December 1st. They want people to spread the word #BangtanHearts
signed it and had 6 others already sign it too
signed the petition
According to fan accounts, TGM didn't even show up to the Toronto stop. That leg of the tour was handled MUCH BETTER IF I MAY ADD by the venue staff, bighit management and the fans. Out of all of the stops, the Toronto was the best. TGM.... I can't---I really hope they go out of business. The refunds are still pending.. 馃槖馃槯馃槨馃憥
They totes asked for it anyways.