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The first rule of Mantis Shrimp Fight Club Is...we're talking about it!

Few species fight for sport. Obviously, humans do. Millions of dollars per year exchange hands based on boxing, UFC and other contest driven sports.

There is something magnificent and depraved about watching things fight, and the same depravity exists on the sea floor.
The Mantis Shrimp doesn't have any money on the line, but damn, it fights like there are millions of dollars at stake. These little buggers must have a wealth of unbridled rage, because they're biologically equipped to fight.
People have fists, yeah, but Mantis Shrimp have hammer-like claws that can beat pretty much anything down. Their bowling ball-like fists provide a blow unlike any other, and despite their modest size, they are a worthy opponent to nearly any creature of the sea. They fight crabs, octopuses, fish and even each other.
The "flat packing sound" referred to in Fight Club is replaced by a voluminous cracking sound in the video above. This thing destroys beautiful creatures.
If you're getting these references, good for you.
There are over 400 different species of Mantis Shrimp in the world, and they are horrifying. The info graphic above puts it into human terms, but it's safe to say these things are vicious. These little guys can injure humans too...they've been known to break bones.
Fight Club is motivated by repressed male energy, the Mantis Shrimp is motivated solely by rage. They have a psychopathic killing instinct that manifests in territorial fights and gladiator-like contests. If you don't believe me, Check out this fight below.
Mantis shrimp can deliver blows with the speed of a 22 caliber bullet. They punch with 15,000 Newtons of force, and when they hit shit...they mean it.
There is no mercy in Mantis Shrimp Fight Club, so only attend if you really mean it.
Okay, we're done talking.
@nicolejb in fairness to the mantis shrimp, though, it didn't fight the clam for sport. it's gonna eat the juicy meaty insides of the clam.
whoa what the heck did I just learrnnn Lmao I'm blown away
It's crazy isn't it? Have you seen those true facts videos? With the funny narrator @danidee
I remember a friend and I seriously got lost in the world of mantis shrimp YouTubes a couple years ago. It forever changed my life.
hahaha yeah probably @vinmccarthy! it’s fighting for some yum yum!
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