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@MichelleIbarra thought that we call ourselves "family" when we don't really know each other well, so here we go!

Full Name:

Juana Gabriela Aguilera (but just call me Gaby ^^

Favorite K-Pop Group(s):

BTS, UP10TION, 100%, GOT7, EXO, Super Junior, SHINee

Where do you live?

Near Houston, TX

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Favorite Food:

Being the Mexican I am, I mostly eat Mexican foods than others :\


I sing most of the time (I miss choir ㅠㅠ but I need a future) and draw when I can

3 likes and dislikes:

Likes: 1. I like to K-Pop, duh XD 2. Being alone in my room enjoying what I usually do when I have no life lol 3. Meeting new friends where I can talk about our similarities and differences Dislikes: 1. When people take my stuff and don't put it back to where it belongs. 2. When people talk too much...I get annoyed and ignore them. 3. When people invade my space and eat with their mouths open, like eww...
Something about me: -I'm on my Senior year in High School. -I'm lazy as f*ck to the point that I don't shower for a week or so(only happens during the summer guys lol). -I get mad when I get out of the line when I color (I literally throw mad tantrums and cry). -And one main thing is that if any of you, I mean ANY of you need a shoulder to cry on or you need advice on something, I'm always here for you guys! Note that even if I haven't gone through a situation like yours, I will understand and will go through it with you. ^^ You can message me here in Vingle or if I don't see your message and it's urgent, you can contact me on either of these: Email: Facebook: Kik: juanaaguilera (my name is KPop Gaby in Kik as well) Please tell me your Vingle name that way I can know it's you.
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lol nope not me i kill em
@michelley I get scared to kill them
lol I scared of mouses & flying big things
@michelley I LOVE MOUSES!!! I used to own 3 hamsters... two died and another ran away...but I'm scared of insects when they're near me. polar opposites