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Getting To Know You~

Hey Vingle Family~ So I haven't been active at all recently, school really gets in the way of things and I just didn't have the time v_v I'm so sorry, but I'm here, and for those that are new, Welcome!!!
1. Full Name: Audra Katherine Garland Boone ( But I don't use Garland so it's usually just Audra Katherine Boone)
2. Favorite Kpop Group: For the people who know me so well I love you but for everyone else who didn't know BANGTAN (BTS) is my #1 group, I love them so much <3
3. Where do you live: I live in Atlanta, Georgia :)
4. What I want to be when I get older: I have no idea >_< but either a nurse or a veterinarian XD
5. Favorite Food: Hmmm, I like pizza, rice, a lot of things hehe
6. Hobbies: I like to listen to music, I like to dance and I like to sing ( I can't sing or dance though hahaha) and I also like to eat and sleep ^-^
* I like food :D
* I like Kpop <3
* I like nice people lol
- there's more but that's just 3 things
* Rude people and perverts yuck!!
* Messes and disorganized things ( I have OCD)
* I don't like boring conversations, make it interesting :D
- there's more but that's just 3 lol
Something about me: I'm very nice and opened to meet people don't be shy to hit me up ^_^
You can find me on:
Kik: audrakboone
Kakao Talk: kpoplover98xoxo
Instagram: yanni_boo98
That's it!! Hope I can stay active on Vingle lol
Love you all!!
Saranghaeyo xoxo~
my names i jessica lynn nichols favorite kpop group is Bts and 2 pm i live near college station, texas i am already grown up and im a mom and a wife favorite food sushi hobbies include watching asian dramas listening to kpop help running an animal kennel and playing with my family 3 like asian food, asian dramas, kpop 3 dislikes fake people, abusers, and snakes something about me..... i'm overly honest and I don't trust alot of people! been hurt alot!
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