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John Boehner had a nearly impossible job. Now before you go all anarchy on me, just listen. A person can only take so much lying, backstabbing, manipulation and complete ignorance for so long. And when you're working for a congress that dares to work against the people, it can grate on you.
His tearful speech on CBS seemed vulnerable, but not calculated. I bet a lot of politicians can cry on cue, but not this guy. Something about him was different. Something was genuinely broken. The government is in crisis, and on the verge of a shut down, with public distrust mounting, there was little to do except quit.

This shocking event raises questions about the quality of leadership in this country, and what really goes on behind those giant mahogany doors.

I stood on the congressional floor one time. It was for a school trip to Washington D.C. I remember staring up at the seat usually occupied by the speaker and envisioned myself there someday. I've always loved politics and the idea of doing something for the nation...but then I realized I didn't have the fortitude to hold an office and do nothing with it. So I let that dream die.
Those vaulted cielings hold a lot of secrets...and it seems that Speaker of the House, John Boehner, a republican from Reading, Ohio, had enough.
Boehner shocked the GOP and the world when he resigned from his position as Speaker of the House of Representatives. This recent development has encouraged a full blown upheaval among Republicans after Boehner aimed his conservative gun at the mirror and called out his right-wing nut job buddies for what they really are: a bunch of unproductive, lying bastards.
Boehner hasn't been known for his renegade spirit since he was appointed to congress more than 25 years ago. He's grown increasingly conservative, and increasingly lax as far as bucking the system goes. I think he did some things he's not so proud of, and that guilt led to his resignation.
Anyone who spends more than 48 hours in our nation's capital, will start to feel the pressure of pragmatism. In congress it's not a job well done, it's a job well planned, and it seems that within 30 days of his term expiration, he'd had enough.
It's no secret that congress has been struggling. And for lack of any better way to say this...they fucking suck. There have been stalemates and shut-downs, grandstanding and vibrato, but little actually has been done. With Democrats moving farther to the left and Republicans moving farther to the right, a greater chasm is forming between the aisles. It's not just a carpet's a canyon.
The president is at odds with everyone, and with elections looming, there's about to be an upheaval, and it just may be led by Boehner himself.

He who dares to defy the GOP has a death wish.

At least, that's what they'd like us to believe.

It all comes down to one thing: country and institution above self.

The politicians who put the country above their own interests are obviously more popular to voters. The politicians who put their party above the country, are the ones that stay in office. Doesn't add up right?

If House of Cards is any indicator as to the deep seeded and disgusting self-serving government we have in power, well...I'd resign too.
With pressure mounting on Boehner from the GOP and other heartless D.C. cronies, he decided that "today's the day", said fuck it...and resigned.
Possibly motivated by a glowing moment with the Pope this week, it seemed that he unburdened himself. I'm not saying that we should all weep for politicians, but I'm saying this should make us pay attention.
Fleeting clarity in a world full of fog can do a lot of damage. Those few words spoken by Boehner are reverberating about the capital like a shotgun blast.
I can't help but admire this decision. Regardless of the disappointment and mistakes, this move took balls. Standing up to a governing body that is arguably the most powerful in the world and saying, "We have groups here in town, members of the House and Senate, who whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know, can never happen."
He exposed the truth....the truth we've all been thinking and feeling for the past however long...the government has been fucking with us. The radical right has been fucking with us...and it has to stop.
Maybe one man's courage will spark a discussion in the House and Senate...maybe something will change. Right now it's too hard to tell, with the giant cloud of elections looming indefinitely, we have to far does this deceit go?
And do we have what it takes to stand up to the false prophets in our political sphere?
It seems we have reached a breaking point. The murder machine is turning on itself.
I read somewhere he made some statements about a private conversation with the Pope, maybe something doesn't sit well with his conscience?
Right, allegedly this has been a long time coming, because he was supposed to step down at the end of last year...but I'm not of him, it seems like he may have been under duress. @InPlainSight and of course Nancy Pelosi was cold and calculating as usual...something's not right.
I feel like you can only go so far in the political world until it feels less like you are doing something well, and more like the awful side of House of Cards...
As always @Tessstevens I think you're close to on the money
Yeah, I alluded to that a bit doesn't sit down with arguably the holiest figure in the world and not unburden his conscience. I think you're exactly on the right track. There's something totally dark about the whole thing, that someone as deeply in the pocket of the GOP could come out and say "this is fucked up" at this There has to be some serious, serious wrongdoing happening @InPlainSight
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