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October is right around the corner and a time to celebrate.

Not because of Halloween, but because of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October is the perfect time to celebrate all the women [and men] who have been warriors and made it through such a trying time. More and more women are losing their lives and their breasts because of this cruel disease. If you haven't gone through it than you can't quite sympathize with what these women go through, especially when losing their breasts [which happen to be one of the main body parts that make a woman feel like a woman].
Having a mastectomy comes with an unwanted scar that you have to look at for the rest of your life. Some women look at their scar and get emotional, while other women look at the scar as a form of being super woman. While some choose to keep their scar out of sight, others choose to embrace their scar by getting beautiful mastectomy tattoos. What a brilliant idea? Adding happiness to something that is meant to be full of sorrow. Whether you're dealing with cancer, know someone who is dealing with cancer or dealt with it in the past -- allow these mastectomy scar tattoos [seen below] to brighten up your day in celebration of strong women all around the world.

You're brave.

You're strong.

You're beautiful.

This is for every lady who fought the good fight.