3 years ago500+ Views GD: *bringing dishes to the sink* Sarang, you wanna do it? *spills* GD: Oh, you need to wipe it out.. wipe... GD: Oh, it's dirty here... *wiping* It's okay, it's okay. Sarang: I just have to take this off.. *taking off* GD: !!!!!!! Mr.Chu: No, Sarang..!! Not that..!! *Sarang being naked, giggles* *GD cannot see her, covering his eyes* GBANG‘s G-Dragon made a guest appearance in a recent episode ofKBS‘s Return of Superman, visiting the Choo’s abode wher he spent time together with the adorable Choo Sarang. Aired on September 27th, G-Dragon was seen helping Sarang put away her plate in the kitchen after dinner. Excitingly taking the plate away from G-Dragon to put it away herself, Sarang accidentally spills some of the food on herself. The two rush back to the living room where the BIGBANG star attempts to clean her beautiful dress. However, Sarang had an easier and more straightforward approach to the situation, slipping off her dress almost immediately and begins to run around the room with only her undies much to G-Dragon’s embarrassment. G-Dragon is unable to look at her in the eye as he keeps them stuck to the ground as he cutely laughs, attempting to get Sarang to wear her dress again (but failing to)
talk about a k.o moment
those kinds of video were GD is with little kids and he is been cute and adorable are the reason i fell in love with him!
So cute.....
I saw the ep