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You should pick your underwear like you pick your men.

As women, be picky when it comes to what underwear you wear -- even if you're the only one seeing them. When you look good, you feel good. There are so many variations when it comes to women's panties. You have the thong, the boyfriend shorts, the cheekies, the bikinis and the list goes on.
What most women don't know is that there happens to be a specific pair of underwear to compliment every outfit. While some prefer to wear thongs on a day to day basis, others prefer to wear boyfriend shorts, but at the end of the day -- there are so many options. So get your panties out of a bunch and keep scrolling to find out when and what underwear you should wear.

The Brief

The emphasis pair of briefs or better known as the "granny panties". Although these might not be the most appealing, they are most definitely comfortable. These panties are full coverage and usually come above the waist making them great to wear with anything high waist. Let's not forget they are the perfect companion for when your "Aunt Flow" comes to visit.

The French Cut Pantie

These underwear were a hit in the 80s and 90s. Similar to the brief minus the elastic band around the thigh. They are semi revealing so make sure you are well groomed if you happen to wear these around a man friend.

The Hipster

Contrary to popular belief, these underwear did not originate in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Also known as hip huggers, these hipsters are great to wear with your favorite low rise pants that sit below the waist.

The Boy Short

Everyone's favorite pair of underwear. Well, at least mine. Boy shorts are perfect to wear under tight fitting clothing because the panty line is not visible. They also make for great sleepwear.

The G-String

Better known as the thong, the g-string is the type of underwear that you will either hate or love -- no in between. Thongs are perfect to pair with leggings or tight dresses because they don't reveal any panty line. You can thank Sisqo for making this pair of panties extremely popular -- or did he?

The Bikini

You can't go swimming in these, but these specific underwear can be worn underneath practically anything. The only downside is that they have little to no coverage.

Ladies, panties are like shoes.

you can never have too many.
same here. at least 80% of the time. it is convenient @TerrecaRiley
trust me, once you won't know how to stop @TerrecaRiley
@jordanhamilton lol...just don't go with hate shopping in general but I love when I get exactly what need or want.
I bought six the other day.gotta go back for more cause it's the cheapest I've ever bought and they're great!! thanks to my lovely aunt (although I hated shopping with her)
@jordanhamilton my cousin does it...and that's the only way she shops
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