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A bit about Me

I was looking through the cards and thought this was neat. Credit to @xoxoaudra98 Thanks!
Full Name: Courtney Blake Lofton
Favorite KPOP Group: My favorite is definitely Big Bang and so excited for the concert next month!
Where do you live? Los Angeles, CA
What do you want to be when you grow up? A animator. I love drawing characters and coming up with their backstories.
Favorite Food: I would take a steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli (or any other vegetable) anytime.
Hobbies: Drawing, watching netflix or any movies, playing videogames, and reading the occasional comic book.
3 Likes and Dislikes: Likes: 1. Honesty 2. Collecting trading cards 3. Going to the movies Dislikes: 1. Rude and mannerless people. 2. Chewing with your mouth open. 3. People talking during a movie.
Something About Me: I am a mother. My daughter is so cute! She was trying on a Batgirl mask.