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Emma Swan the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming is now in the dark side
@Luci546 you can watch on couchtuner for free. that's what I use.
omg omg omg omg, I didn't see the new episode, imma cry Dx
@CleoHoney well maybe she will have that power? because Rumple was the Dark One, and all of his power came fro mthat. he wouldn't have been able to take the seekers power except because he had the dagger. maybe now that power was just added to the dark one's existing powers.
@VinMcCarthy Same here. Now that there is no savior, will Snow White new baby be the next savior or will someone step up to the plate? Rumple could tell the future because of the power he took from the seeker but Emma don't have that power
duuuude I'm so exicted to see how they handle things this season, now that Emma's the Dark One. It'll be crazy I bet.
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