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I was tagged by @MichelleIbarra to answer these questions above so we can get to know each other more and get closer as a Vingle Fam. ♡

Full Name

Annahi Zaragoza as shown on my user name. No Middle Name.

Favorite Kpop group

Can't pick one, but my top favorites are: Monsta X, Big Bang, EXO, and slowly BTS is getting there.

Where Do You Live?

I live in a house in California.

Want To Be When I Grow Up

Currently I'm a Medical Assistant/ Healthcare Interpreter but planning to go back to school as a full time student next semester. I'm still not sure what career path I want to take from here.

Favorite Food

Pizza, Sushi, Kimichi, Kimbap


Kdramas, Kpop, Kvarietyshows, Dance


Dance, To Laugh, and Make_Up.

3 Dislikes

Spinach, Rude People, and Last Minute Cancellations.

Something About Me

Born July 6, 1993, Aztec Dancer, Religious Girl, Been to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2013.
No, Here I am a Non-Middlenamer ㅋㅋㅋㅋ @Marilovexoxo
:D Thank you!! I'm glad you know about Aztec Dancers! Many people dont!! Okay, No rush!! Just Tag me when you make yours ^.^ @AimeeH
finally another person without a middle name like me lol I felt like I was the only one
Jacquelyn Higgs, B.T.S, Chicago, Illinois, I want to be a kpop singer, kimichi, singing and dancing, I like loyalty, honesty, and real love, what I HATE is dishonesty, lying, and fake love, something about me is that I am shy up to the point of stuttering...
Haha Thank you! You should visit Cali!! There are great views in the coast! That's why I've never really wanted to leave here lol Aztec Dancer are basically the tribal dancers that wear their uniform plus a bunch of feathers on their head. Also a shell and seeds on ankles. We dance to a beat of a drum that is shown on the picture above. Of course I dont mind :) I'm Mexican-American. My parents are Mexican and I was born here in California.@BluBear07 Did you make a card about yourself? So I can go check it out! :)
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