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I really can't wait for this! To try the food, to see the performances, and more! This is so close!! I'm excited! Is anyone else going to this?? I would love to meet up there and enjoy this with new friends!!
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@StephersTaylor did you go? Was it fun?
I did! And it was there was so much food! And there was a kpop stand there! I was so happy for that! I loved it! I didn't get to stay for the night activities and that's when they get into the music and stuff like that! But I am so going to the next years!
Awe...such a bummer...I was so excited for today!!! But no, the retreat was mandatory... But I'm glad you had so much fun @StephersTaylor!!!
Well next year hopefully you can go @KpopGaby
If I stay near Houston. Depends in what school I get accepted in... @StephersTaylor