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I feel so terrible for what bts had to go through when they came back to the states.. it hurts me more to know they got yelled at for being themselves and wanting to interact with their fans. they shouldn't have been scared to talk to fans or scared that a fan will get yelled or pushed for being happy to see their idols.
when bts debuted I would listen to so many of their songs and I felt so connected with them it was like they understood what I was going through. I grew up in a strict asian family so my dreams always got shot down and had to be whatever made money and made my family look good, I would get depressed a lot because I didn't know what to do with my life and bts music truly has helped me be more confident in my life and just follow my dreams. like their song tomorrow when I feel like I'm not really going anywhere with my life that song reminds me that I'm to young to give up and tomorrow will be the day I can go forward with my life. so thank you bts for making me feel like I'm not alone and my dreams do matter and I shouldn't be afraid to go forward with them.
so I just wanna say to bts please don't let this bad experience discourage you guys from coming back to the states, your American army's love you so much and it hurts us to see you guys so sad and mistreated the way you guys did. you guys do so much for us army's around the world to make us happy and you deserve the same thing. please take some time to rest y'alls body and mind and remember we all love you and we all want to see you again in the states happy and excited to be here. Next time you come to texas we will give you a big warm southern welcome :)
sincerely your army Kristine Meier from Texas.
@kmeier230 I tried sharing my story too...and as a result I made new friends~
@Marilovexoxo thank you^^ I tried expressing how they helped me with my personal life.
@Rhia I will probably share my story soon, because you guys are awesome ^^
this is perfect♡
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