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Okay. So, I saw the card that @AimeeH did and I wanted to play, too. All you have to do is screenshot to find out who you get.

My First Round

So, my first time, I didn't realize that there were ten different gifs that I had to go through. I honestly thought it was just one and I took a screenshot ten times. Lol

Anyway, this is who I got my first try:

Crush: Taehyung Best Friend: Namjoon Boyfriend: Yoongi First Kiss: Jimin Secret Admirer: Jungkook Husband: Jungkook Hater: Jin Love-Hate Relationship: Namjoon Weirdo: Jungkook Brother: Taehyung Aaaand i just realized that last one and that first one... He could be my step-brother or adopted brother. *coughs*

Playing It Right

These are the choices I got when I played it correctly. Lol Crush: Hoseok Best Friend: Taehyung Boyfriend: Taehyung First Kiss: Hoseok Secret Admirer: Yoongi Husband: Yoongi Hater: Yoongi Love-Hate Relationship: Jungkook Weirdo: Jungkook Brother: Hoseok I didn't look at the results from the second time until I put them in this card... Life with BTS is apparently more complicated when you play the game correctly. Lol
@AimeeH *flails arms* I'm going to make the card now! Had homework to finish! It'd so fun and seeing the results too! :D
@AimeeH You're very welcome :) I love these. They help with making up stories like my Vixx and Bap results lol
@Annaharris1989 That's fine dear! Thank you for participating :)
I like my results, but I'll post them up tomorrow ^^
oh I love my results time To go make a card
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