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Dear Queen, You are strong. You are beautiful. You are worthy.

Just in case you needed a bit of reassurance.

Trust me, I've been there before. Putting all my eggs into one basket just to be left with nothing in the long run. It is never worth it, but of course that is always easier said than done. Someone once told me the same thing I am telling you and believe me I brushed it off. As women, we love hard. Harder than most. When we love, we love until we can no longer do so. Sometimes that means getting hurt and enduring the pain until we realize our worth. No matter what someone says to try and uplift or point you in the right direction, sometimes you just have to learn on your own.
We often look for love in others when the love we long for comes from within. I know my words might not mean much at this present moment, but overtime you will understand exactly where I am coming from. Believe me, I was in your exact position just four short years ago. I loved someone else more than I loved myself. It sounds crazy now, but back then I didn't think anything of it. Like any relationship, I figured things would get better with time. I was wrong. I was warned, but like I mentioned -- you have to learn for yourself. I appreciate everyone who tried to give me words of encouragement and help me leave such a negative situation. I may have not appreciated them then, but I am ever so grateful now. Who knows what I would be doing today if I wouldn't have stepped away. I did it for myself and nobody else. I didn't respect myself, but once I found that respect it was so much easier for me to remove myself from something that wasn't meant to be apart of my journey. You're stronger than you know. In due time, but until then learn to love and respect yourself. It will benefit you in the long run. Signed: I've been there.
<3 You are the loveliest and the best! this just made my day
thank you so much @nicolejb !!! and your comment just made my day as well ♡♡♡