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Modern Mixtape: My Greatest Hits
@InPlainSight tagged me in a challenge over the weekend that asked me to make a 'modern mixtape' using five different songs.

I love making mixtapes. As some of you might know if you've talked to me 1-on-1, I used to host my own radio show when I was in my early 20s. My DJ friends and I loved swapping music, creating challenges, and sharing our 'hidden music gems' in a blog we called Mixtapes For Mixed Tastes.

For this challenge, I decided I'd make a list of five of my favorite songs to put on mixtapes for others!

'Sparky's Dream' - Teenage Fanclub

I have a soft spot for bands from Scotland, and Teenage Fanclub is one of my favorites, and out of all of their singles, 'Sparky's Dream' is easily my top choice.

'Deus' - The Sugarcubes

This song was on the first mixtape I ever received. Actually, my sister was given it by a guy she was dating. She wasn't really into it, so I may or may not have stolen it and listened to it all the time. I loved how accessibly bizarre 'Deus' was. Plus, sup, young Bjork.

'Everyday Clothes' - Jonathan Richman

I began as a huge fan of Modern Lovers and found Jonathan Richman's solo work much later. I love how simple his songs are while at the same time, being super creative and witty lyrically. 'I Was Dancing In A Lesbian Bar' is another one I'd definitely recommend.

'C Is The Heavenly Option' - Heavenly

Heavenly is one of those bands I discovered through my Brit-Pop phase, and 'C Is The Heavenly Option' is one of those songs that make me really happy. Also, it's got Calvin Johnson on it, the guy behind the Halo Benders and Beat Happening, both of which I'd highly recommend if you like this style.

'How Dare You' - Thao & Mirah

Mirah was one of those singers that all the other DJs on my radio station were obsessed with, while I was definitely more of a fan of Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. Fortunately, their collaboration album was well-received by pretty much all of us.

And those are my five songs! (And sorry if you think they're all horrible.)

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