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I was tagged by @AnnahiZaragoza :)
♡Full Name♡ Marisol Rivera , im a cool kid so no middle name lol
~♡FAVORITE GROUP♡~ Cant chose one so here are my top 5 Bigbang♥ Exo(all 12)♡ BTS♡ Uniq♡ Got7♡
~♥WHERE DO YOU LIVE♥~ I live in Louisiana right now but Im from Maryland.
~♡WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP♡~ Im currently saving to start my Vet Assistant program so I cant start my path on becoming a veterinarian because Im a huge animal lover.
♥♡FAVORITE FOOD♥♡ Its a tie between Macaroni and Seaweed Ramen
♡♥¤HOBBIES¤♡♥ I love writing, watching Kdramas/shows and learning the dances to all my favorite kpop songs lol and of course mastering every rap part in my favorite songs
¤♡3 LIKES & DISLIKES♡¤ LIKES: Animals Korean/Japanese/Mandarin Music Animal Print DISLIKES: Bullies Being late Crowded spaces
♡SOMETHING ABOUT ME♡ I love animals have 5 cats , an old fart dog , a hamster and a snake lol Im Puerto Rican & Cuban♡ Kpop is my life and if you guys didnt know already Jiyong is my soul mate♡
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lol its okay I would have understood it @AnnahiZaragoza
This was a nice card :) I want to do one now!!
@wllmvns you should!! :)
can i do it??
@otakukpopgirl yes!! you should do one