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Well I thought it was time to explain what lead me to the kpop world. This is a personal issue for me but talking about it is a better solution for me than keeping it in. I won't be offended if you choose not to read it. Like I said this is a form of therapy for me. So with that said, I'll start.
First off my name is Gloria Ann Martinez. Nicknames are Glo, Gigi & Stix. I'm 29 years old and I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I met the love of my life when I was 22 and he was 18. We didn't hit it off at first but as time went on we grew to love each other. We dated for a year before he worked up the courage to propose. Another year later and we were married on August 13, 2010. I cried at the wedding because I thought I would never be able to give him any children. I had cancer when I was 19 and they said children weren't possible unless I used fertilization drugs or did Invetro. But to our surprise 9 months later we found out we were expecting and I was headed into my 2nd trimester. I cried. Our son Marius Mikel Shulenburg was born November 22, 2011 at 8lbs. 14.2oz. by c-section.
I was so blissfully happy that I didn't see what was happening. 2 months after we had celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, he said he wanted to separate. I was devastated. I started to question if it was anything I had done but he said no. His reason for wanting to separate was because he wanted to better himself as a person without anyone's help and that included mine. I tried to persuade him to stay and that we could work everything out together. He then turned around and asked "So you're going to cage me?" I was a little hurt by that and agreed to his terms. Within 24 hours of it happening, I started to get phone calls from his co-workers asking why did it take so long for me to give him his stuff. I was confused and tried to figure out with they meant. I then found out he had been telling them lies that he and I were separated for the past 6 months. To make matters worse, he was seeing someone else. Someone who I considered to be a friend. They had been together for 4 months before I found out. .......I died inside. Everything I thought, all my happiness was ripped from me in a matter of 24 hours. The next day, I made the pain wretching decision to file for divorce due to infidelity and irreconcilable differences. For 4 months I shut everyone out. All I did was work and sleep. I seldom ate anything. I was a total zombie and sadly don't remember most of what happened during that time. My friends use to say "Glo lost her spark." I started to consider going back to my old ways. (I was a cutter most of my youth due to bullying and my parents divorce.) I was looking on YouTube and came across a video of top 2014 K-Pop videos. As I saw it my eyes opened. Some of the songs were not bad. Two songs stuck out above all others "Blue" by BigBang and "Boy In Luv" by BTS. I slowly started to pull my life back together and eventually get back to the old me. But to be honest I will never be the same.
So now here we are. Almost a full year of being a single mom. I am grateful for my ex for what he did. It enabled me to become a better person for my son, which let's face it. It wasn't going to happen if I was still married. I start school again in November for my LVN. So thank you for taking the time to read this and allowing me to share my story. Thank you as well to those of you who have said I could message you should I ever need someone to talk to. My ex is still with the same girl. In fact they now have a son together born this past August.
Also how dare you be so youthful. 29 going on 20 like dang girl.
@Marilovexoxo @MichelleIbarra @kmeier230 Ya just brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your kind words. They mean alot to me.
@glostick *hugs* we mean it your truly amazing and I hope more people read this ♡
you are truly an amazing and strong person. It sucks someone like you had to go through this but guess what your ex truly missed out he lost an amazingly beautiful soul and he didnt deserve someone like you anyways. This is seriously so inspiring and thank you for sharing this with us ♡ you have a beautiful son and Im happy things are better for you guys . You deserve it♡
You're a really strong person. Not many people can live through what you have lived through. You are now an inspiration to me (:
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