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My full name: Stephanie Marie Taylor
Favorite Kpop group: as of right now it's block b
Where am I from: as of right now I am In Oklahoma, but I plan on moving I the next year hopefully, I don't know where to yet Vito ha even looking. What do I want to be when I grow up: well I don't really know, I'm so indecisive, and chance my mind on what I want to do. As of right now I'm working towards being a model. Favorite foods: PIZZA!!! Ramen, spring rolls, cereal, candy Hobbies: reading, kdrama, riding around jamming out to music 3like: music, family time, night 3 dislikes: rude people, disrespect and onions Something about me: I am a mother of a four year old boy, who loves to jam out to kpop with me. ☺️ Thanks for the tag! @Exoexo @misscandyfreak