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so I found these pictures on Facebook and the person who posted them saying "omg he is so adorable. " I feel like she's not truly seeing suga face... you can tell he looks so sad and miserable. it's noticeable that he is forcing himself to be happy... I feel so bad, suga should be smiling out of joy and excitement, not just bs-ing a smile and hiding his true feelings... I'm so sorry oppa fighting!!!
So sad!! :( there is a group on Facebook called Bangtan Hearts. You can send letters to the adminis for BTS apologizing for what happened and telling them how much you love them, and they will translate them and put them on paper hearts to send to the guys. The letters have to be sent in by December 1st. They want people to spread the word #BangtanHearts
that is not a Suga smile... seeing him like that makes me want to cry.
I'm for sure going to write them a letter, thank you for mentioning this! I want them to know that their fans here love them and want to see them again. it's so unfair their 1st concert here they get death threats and now they get mistreated, I hope us army's csn win their hearts to come back and feel loved by us
I feel the same! I'm so embarrassed that this is how they were treated when they came to America!
@nenegrint14 so that's what their doing? I heard they wanted to do something but not what. That's really sweet and I'm definitely going to send a letter to BTS even though I didn't go! My heart just hurts for them that they had to experience that. T路T
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