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Thanks @AnnahiZaragoza for tagging me!
Name: Erin
Fav groups: Exo, SHINee, BTS, Got7, Super Junior Then: Madtown, Block B, B.A.P., B1A4, Boyfriend, Monsta X, Seventeen, Big Bang, BtoB, Day6, Eric Nam, F.t. Island, Royal Pirates Also: 24K, 2NE1, Ali, Apeace, Beast, BigStar, C.N. Blue, Cross Gene, TVXQ, Infinite, JJCC, MBLAQ, NU'EST, Offroad, Rain, Speed, Teen Top, U-kiss, Up10tion, VIXX, Winner And so many more!!!
Live in: Georgia: 7,108 miles from oppas.
Future: Undecided! I'm a Liberal Arts Major.
Fav Foods: Steak, Chocolate everything, Bulgogi
Hobbies: Music (singing and listening to), Kpop and Vingle, Writing Fanfics, watching kdramas, being with my friends
3 likes: Kpop, friends, and food 3 dislikes: Unorganization, rude/judgemental perople, and no wifi
About me: I'm 18. I love languages. I know English & Latin, I'm learning Spanish, and I'm teaching myself Korean. I love my friends and have friends from all over the world (Ireland, Korea, the Philippines, & Thailand) even though I've never left the US. I was bullied in middle school and I shut myself off until kpop opened me up.
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@Exoexo I'll be sure to tag you in
@Exoexo Thanks for tagging me and I'll try to get it done today if not tommorow 😜
@JohnEvans Looking forward to it! 😆
@Exoexo omg we have almost the exact some biases lol except I can't choose in Monsta X ...it's like a triangle lol
@9thMuse I love all of Monsta X, but Minhyunk was my first so I'm sticking with him!