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hello my name is katie marie Russell
i have three favorite k-pop groups they are bigbang, vixx and bts.
i live in utah and i have no plans i just want to travel someday.
my favorite food is breakfast XP yumm. My hobbies consist of watching k-dramas listening to k-pop looking through vingle taking care of my nieces ^-^
I like surprises, i like being able to sleep in and i like seeing my niece smile/laugh i dislike my job, the heat and falling asleep i hate falling asleep but once im asleep i like it.
im weird i sometimes cant talk like literally im like a broken record. ill mix up what im saying ill be like can you hand me the microwave? (paper) im really asking for the paper. or ill talk backwards o.o its really annoying when im trying to say something i feel like i have to nock some sense into me like when ur phone freezes and u slap it in anger and it unfreezes yup thats me.
Lol you're funny! "I'll be like can you hand me the microwave? (paper) I'm really asking for the paper." But don't worry about that here! You can act yourself here even if you mix up your words. :)
@AnnahiZaragoza aww thanks ^-^ I think its contagious though my best friend can now understand what im saying and is now talking just like me she is hilarious and yells at me in a nice way.