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Wigs make the world go round and apparently, so does Kylie.

Out of all the Kardashian's, it seems as if Kylie is the center of attention these days. Oh, and let's not forget her hair -- well, her wig. A few weeks ago Kylie broadcasted via her Instagram that she would be going blonde and her fans went crazy. Like her sisters, she can't seem to do wrong when it comes to the beauty and fashion game. She has it down packed.
Although Kylie's blonde hair was short lived, decided to play a little dress and see how it felt to wear a blonde "Kylie inspired" wig. To see the reactions of the men and women who played Jenner for the day, keep scrolling.
"I felt like (A) I definitely have a huge head, (B) long, one-length hair is kind of awesome and made me feel strong, and (C) wigs are weird​." ​—Emily
"I love fake hair and the Kardashian/Jenners, so this was a fun experiment for me. The roots on the wig were no joke, but I thought it actually looked pretty good on. That Kylie knows what she's doing when it comes to choosing hair color!​" ​—Elisa
"I felt a little strange but it was cool to see how I would look with long blonde hair, so that part I really liked!" —Mimi
"I felt like a Viking. That is all." ​—Robert
"I've always thought I'd look ridiculous with blonde hair, and this wig confirmed that for me." ​—Mariah
"It was really ticklish! I found myself stroking the hair a little more than usual because the texture was so different from my hair — it was soft, and I felt a little like I was a Labradoodle with mermaid-length fur." ​—Helin
"The wig was cheap, so it was super itchy, but I liked the color combination, had it been done better. I liked Kylie's hair when it was like that, so I was into it. Plus, I recently went platinum a few months ago, so the blondeness of the wig didn't shock me as much as it did other people." —Carly
"The wig felt very heavy and, because we don't exactly have the wig budget of a major celebrity, awfully synthetic. I never wondered what it feels like to have Kylie Jenner's head but now I know: it's like wearing itchy drapes that probably wouldn't budge in hurricane-force winds.​" ​—Amy
"I felt awkward and weirdly aware of the shape of my head. Also it was so hot! I'm not used to having so much hair in front of my face!" ​—Carina
"I felt hot in the wig, by which I mean that I immediately began sweating along my brow line. I have never had long hair before and certainly don't plan to again because it felt like there were curtain drapes on my face — and they were itchy, stale, glass noodle curtain drapes, specifically.​" ​—Alex

Would you channel your inner Kylie with a blonde wig?

I agree. I dont think they took the time to make it look decent. the wig is prob not nearly as expensive as Kylie's, but I do think with some manipulation the wig could've looked good @alywoah
Man...that wig doesn't seem to be high quality. And they definitely didn't try to tuck the hair underneath well. ahhhh
but i do like kylie's wig
that is very true!!! I agree. you have to manipulate the wig a bit @TessStevens
It's all in the styling!!! Different parts for different face shapes though too