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Hello my name is Megan Brianne Dowell
My favorite is got7, Bangtan boys, b.a.p, and BIGBANG
I live in Davenport Iowa in the United states. my plans is to become a English teacher in Korea.
food, if you give me food i will like it
My favorite hobbies are: fangirling, writing, watching anime, wearing onesies, cooking, and sleeping.
three things i like: 1. i like hamburger 2. i love fast internet 3. hugs i like giving out hugs and people giving me hugs. bonus like: having a great internet family like you guys. three things i dislike: 1. slow internet 2. people putting candy in my mouth especially when they had it in there mouth. 3. I'm in America, when my biases are in South Korea. bounce dislike: 4. biases joining the army.
About me: ( i know I'm weird looking. I'm the redhead. the other two are friends.) i tend to talk to myself for a while. my left eye is messed up. yes I'm a natural ginger, 100% ginger. i like my birthday month because my bias wreckers are born in the same month as me. Jackson- march 28 Me- march 30 Yongguk- march 31