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Fans of Death Note or Bakuman, Rejoice!
Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the creative team behind Death Note and Bakuman, are working together again on a new upcoming manga!
The new manga is called Platinum End, and the two creators have revealed the first colored image from the new series, seen above.
Not too many details are available with regards to what the manga will be about, but hwat we do know is that it will be about an angel and a human. Specifically, about a boy called Mirai Kakehashi, who is described as someone "who does not seek out hope in order to live."
The first chapter of the new manga will debut in Shueisha's December Jump SQ magazine, released on November 4th. Eager fans who don't want to wait quite so long will be in for a treat, though, as Weekly Shonen Jump will be unveiling the first eight pages of the new manga in their 45th issue on October 5th.
Personally I'm excited for this new manga. Ohba and Obata are a dynamic duo, with Bakuman detailing the interesting life of two people trying to establish themselves as manga artists, and Death Note being one of the most interesting crime-thrillers in not just anime, but at large.
I know there are Death Note fans on Vingle! Anybody else excited to read this new manga?
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This looks super cool! I'll be looking forward to it!
2 years ago·Reply
I will be looking forward to the mangas.
2 years ago·Reply
*deep inhale* *ciokebt exhale* YAAAAASAASSS
2 years ago·Reply
this looks awesome I want more information I can't wait
2 years ago·Reply
it will be something incredible ohyes
2 years ago·Reply