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Today's Word or Phrase is: "Metro Piece of Shit"

It's basically the really mean name we give the phone carrier Metro PCS. It's pretty much the shittiest phone you can have. The service sucks and there's always problems with the phone. On the plus side, they do provide really cheap phone service. But just expect to not receive half of your calls and texts.

Examples of How to Use the Word:

"Ew bro! I keep missing messages from Goey because she keeps using Metro Piece of Shit!" "What the fuck! My Metro Piece of Shit phone just stopped working!" "I'm about to throw Jazmine's Metro Piece of Shit in the Miami river. Bro, I swear!!!"
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Cricket is in a few states and it's one of those super low-cost phone companies that suck a whole lot of butt.
ahhh okay. yeah metro piece of shit is pretty cheap. it's like 35 dollars for everything. but the service is a disaster! @danidee
Beat Da' "Piece Of Shit" until it Might Work Better! NOT RIGHT, JUST BETTER! "It will Never Work Right, Admit It! ! !"
On a serious note, I used to throw my Metro Piece of Shit phone against the wall and it'll start working properly again. lol @jeffsabo63
Once my contract is up with Verizon, I am going to look into getting a different provider. I pay too much for my phone bill smh