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Hyuk and Hongbin~HYUKBIN❀❀

I ship them soo much. I just think they're really cute together cx they sing their parts together and it's amazing. Maybe its because they're both the youngest, idk cx I've shipped them since mydol. When Hyuk held his hand and said he liked him lol the feels ~^.^~

Leo and N~ Neo πŸ’˜πŸ’

I ship N and Leo because they're perfect for each other. N is always teasing Leo and getting him more involved. It shows how much he cares. And I bet Leo cares a lot for his leader as well. ALSO! Read "Someone Like Hakyeon" by riyoungg on the story is really awesome.
Just One of Vixx collages I've made for my OTPs c: hope you all like it ❀