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Thank you @RosePark for tagging me in this awesome challenge! It took me a few days but I finally remembered...

Mugen, from Samurai Champloo!!!

Granted, there are probably more violent characters out there (Lucy from Elfen Lied probably wins this) but he's the most violent anime character that I actually *like*. Check out his fighting style:

It's influenced by Capoeira, a Brazilian dance/fighting technique.

The animation is really incredible in all of the fight scenes he's in. And to be honest... Mugen is kind of a jerk. But he's *my* jerk.
@AkiraCondry @ashleykpop @VinMcCarthy @Arellano1052 @CleoHoney @AdiaJasinski @EllieDean @TurboJay I don't know if you've seen this challenge yet, but I invite all of you to do one too!
"But he's *my* jerk." TOO RELATABLE!
I love Mugen!!!! ugh he's so wild!!!! <3
Just dont give him a sword xD noted lol
@RosePark or a sandal... or a knife... or.... maybe just don't give him a reason to punch you XD @EllieDean me too!!! This show was so good @ashleykpop lol yeah I feel like there are more violent characters but none of them are as likable :p