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Because we all need new ships sometimes.

You know that feeling when you've read EVERY SINGLE fic that exists for your ship? Yeah, that's a special kind of sadness.
Well @animechild51 @SierraWilson16 and I were talking yesterday, and I think I've got 5 fics that can help you get hooked on some all-new ships. To stave off that 'my bias is all I am living for' feeling.
*Please heed the ratings and warnings posted on each fic*

Wing and a Prayer

by Sholio
Bucky and Sam fall out of a HYDRA plane into the Canadian wilderness. Nothing like a hundred-mile walk to civilization while severely injured and being hunted by HYDRA, right?
Told from Sam’s perspective, he and Bucky aren’t super close when they crash down into the wilderness, but there’s nothing like almost dying a bunch of times to foster a friendship, right? This is platonic, but you can totally read this as pre-slash and I guarantee this fic will have you craving more of these two characters together.

Read this if you love Sam and Bucky and want to see them make things explode.


by theproblematique
Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Spock are hereby charged with negligence and wanton misconduct due to their emotional compromise with each other.
Okay so this isn't technically a 'new' ship... Spock/Kirk is most likely the FIRST ship of the modern era. However, because of the recent Trek films, there are more newcomers to the fandom, which is awesome! This is really neat because there are a lot of moments where it’s clear that Spock and Jim are from two different cultures and species, and instead of ignoring or removing those differences, they find ways to communicate on common ground. It’s genuinely lovely.

Read this if you missed this ship the first time around (since it most likely happened before you were born) and want to see what all the fuss was about.

No Bangs Without Foreign Office Approval

by reckonedrightly
It’s 1942, and while London’s nights are no longer interrupted by air raid sirens, the war still rages and not all of it is fought openly. From its headquarters in Baker Street, the Special Operations Executive plans to set Europe ablaze with its networks of spies and saboteurs in Nazi-occupied territory. Joan Watson knows what it is to keep a secret, but she isn’t expecting to be recruited into the clandestine world of SOE. Nor is she prepared to meet Sherlock Holmes, a former private detective who has by her own admission ruined her own life at least three times over—and who has a murder to solve in Occupied France.
This fic got me shipping femlock like there's no tomorrow. And I also learned a lot about the British spy Nancy Wake, who was awesome and I aspire to be as awesome as her now. Sherlock and Joan go through training together and go from friends to clandestine lovers lovers before separating to in France. There, they must pursue a British spy turned Nazi traitor, allying themselves with Resistance leaders, sticking to their cover and hiding from the Gestapo. And there might be an explosion or two along the way.

Read this if you want an amazing twist on characters that the Victorians basically shipped (or would have, if they knew what shipping was).

hand in unlovable hand

by rosary
Clarke can’t sleep her first night in the Capitol.
The 100 is a great show, I'm just letting you now that it will hurt your feelings and it will not apologize. But it's excellent, just trust me. And this is of course a Hunger Games crossover so it's not like you're going to get any comfort from this fic. But it's amazing.

Read this if you want a ship that is *almost* canon. Give or take another brutal season or two.

30 Days of Drabbles

by saccarine
Damian and Miles are co-RAs and roommates at NYU. Miles is trying to put some distance between him and the suit in order to focus on school. It isn’t easy considering his roommate knows he’s Spider-Man from day one.
So many superhero stories involve a conflict between civilian life and the hero identity, and that story is usually complicated by the love interest. Either they die, or come too close to finding out about the hero identity. This dynamic is more interesting to me. Two people on equal footing, with different feelings about their hero identities, whose civilian lives intersect with their caped crusader ones.

Read this if you think Damian Wayne with a tongue piercing is adorable, and Miles Morales is his perfect match.

Al right shippers... it's time to set sail!

Sorry, I couldn't avoid the pun. Let me know how your shipping adventures go! And please feel free to share your own. I'm clearly prepared to ship everyone with everyone! ^_^
@animechild51 the solution is always to ship more XD
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