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SHINee?... Idk I default to SHINee since they were the first group I was introduced to, but my love for Kpop doesnt just stop at one.
Eh, for the time being Texas but in a few months thats not going to be a valid answer
What do I want to be?... If I think like a little kid the answers are far and wide, but right now the future is full of fear. Soo undecided.
Favorite Food?.... uhm?.... Haha I dont have a favorite, since my taste in things tends to change often. I never like anything enough to claim favoritism.
Ahh... Hobbies, does sleeping count? Hmm Reading, listening to music, singing, dancing...
Likes: 1. Animals, but cant have pets 2. Ahh, Musicals! Id love to see a Korean one. 3.Music? obviously? uhm... Dislikes: 1. People touching my stuff without permission. 2. People trying to shove thier beliefs and ideas on me. 3. Drama... I dont like being thrown into a situation that I myself have no apart of. I am Neutral. Talk to me all you want. Im a secret keeper, but dont go throwing my name in all willy nilly. -.-
Hey!! You guys are lucky you got this much! ㅋㅋㅋ Hmm, lets see... I was an artist a one point, but insperation/motivation/muse/drive whatever you like to call it decided that it didnt like me anymore. So hello Artist Block.
Uhm... I dunno whom to tag... since the ones i normally would have already done this...
haha, im glad i explained myself then
when you said drama on the dislike I was shocked at first but when I read it I was like oh.