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Today's Word or Phrase is: "Reffy"

This word is used to describe someone who is a "refugee" or someone who has recently arrived to the U.S. But it's also used to describe someone who doesn't speak English or hasn't quite assimilated to the Miami/American culture yet. It's used negatively. It's definitely not a politically correct term...

Examples of How to Use the Word:

"I heard that he just came from Cuba like 3 months ago. He's so reffy."
"He speaks English pero like, he still dresses like a ref!"
"Bro...he's a ref and he's taking AP English. I'm impressed!"
Yeah, it's totally not a cool word to use. But now you've learned something new...
I have neverrrr heard of that word in my entire life! @danidee
That's actually kind of interesting because it tells you a lot about the type of immigrant population in Florida, which seems way different than in Cali.
the more you know
@danidee @alywoah yeah FOB is a term thats been around for at least since the 90s. it def is negative but some of my asian friends who are 1st generation immigrants sometimes refer to them selves as fob. The term used to be harsher and only used by non immigrant Americans to degrade asian cultures but bow its not so bad. Think of how the word "Guey" or "wey" is bad but can be used interjectionaly as a term of endearment or as an identifier. Or how girls will call eachother bitches in the context of their own private conversation but its still not cool to just call someone a bitch. hope that makes sense lol
It's just short for 'fresh off the boat'. The people themselves are 'FOBs' and when you do something deemed 'super Asian' by hella racist American standards, you might get called 'fobby'. A lot of Asian American college kids use it to make fun of themselves like "Look how much rice I just bought. I'm so fobby."
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