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Photographer and publisher Marius Jovaiša captured stunning images of Cuba called "Unseen Cuba." The photos are taken from above ground. It took government permission, a lot of money, and some time to get this project going. But man, was it worth it. These images are insanely breath-taking. Travel arrangements to the island may still be difficult, but it's definitely worth putting on your bucket list! By the way, the image above is of the Morro Castle (foreground), and the Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña (background), which translates to Fort of Saint Charles. Although these photos capture Cuba's gorgeous architecture, let us not forget that Cuba has a beautiful culture! The first thing I want to do when I do have the chance to visit Cuba, is to enjoy the true Cuban cuisine. :-)
This is the Torreón de la Chorrera, and it's located at Almendares River. It was built in 1646 and today houses a restaurant.
Settled by the foothills of Sierra Escambray, the colonial city of Trinidad has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1988.
How calming! These rolling and bright fields are located at Granma Province.
This is Baracoa, Cuba's oldest city. Since it has been isolated from the rest of the island, it has developed a unique and singular culture.
This is Hotel Nacional de Cuba, or the National Hotel of Cuba. Famous people have visted this hotel, including Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill. Very cool! Photo credits: Marius Jovaiša // Unseen Cuba
my guess would be a drone.
Beautiful arial shots! I’m wondering if he took them in a chopper or used a droid! @JonPatrickHyde what do you think?
I would guess that too! Man, I want one of those things.